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{27 Jun 2007}   Portuguese Man of War!!!


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THE Portuguese man- of- War is a floating animal that found throughout the warm Oceans of the world. It looks like a large jelly fish. But it’s not really just one animal. Rather, it is a colony of hundred of members that are attached to one another. The attached animals are called Zooids. Faen has a special fuction to carry out, much as the different organs to other animals have different function, more of the animals could live without the others.

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The uppermost zooid is agas filled float. the float keeps the Portuguese Man- of- War suspended from the ocean surface, and can be about ten inches across. It sometimes seves as a soil, catching the win and moving the colony around the ocean. Hanging from the float are the other zooids that make up the man- of- war. Stringy tentacles hang down as far as thirty fest. When stringing zooids on these tentacles touch fish they release a poison that kill the prey. The tube-shaped zooids digest the food for the entire man- of- war.

Other zooids serve to repdocusee the man- of- war, with eggs and sperm. A portuguese man- of- war get its start in life the some way humans do from a single pertiliced egg. But different zooids “bud off” the growing rarve to form parthly independent structures.

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